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"We help successful business owners build a better benefit plan then they can get anywhere else!"



A group benefit program is a major component of any organization's compensation package. It helps to attract and retain loyal employees. It can provide peace of mind and reassurance for your employees and their families health coverage. There are many features, options and levels to a group benefit plan which can include, dental care, prescriptions, massages, chiropractors, paramedicals, vision care, short and long-term disability, critical illness, and life insurance. Group benefits paid by the company are a business expense and are a tax deduction. Over 80 percent of workers say a comphrehensive benefit package is one of the main influences whether they stay with a company or not. 

Why Rubbix? 

As a leading financial planning and group benefit firm we understand every business is different and should get the proper attention they deserve. We are a complete brokerage which means we have access to a large variety of companies to offer our clients mutliple options. We work with over a dozen different group benefit companies that are all eager to earn your business. We fight to get you the best possible plan for the lowest possible price. All our clients recieve the Rubbix Advantage. 

New to Group Benefits or Have a Plan in place?

 We are excited to get this process started for you, whether you are new to group benefits or have an existing plan in place. For new plans we learn more about your business and find out what is important for you and your employees. We can provide you with mutliple quotes of different plan designs if you are unsure of what you want.. In these cases we typically provide 3 levels, basic, enhanced and Cadillac. For exisiting plans we analyze your current plan and make sure you it is compeititive. Most benefit plans see an annual increase year over year to the cost, whereas we are proactive and work on ways to reduce those increase. We have actually seen decreased while providing the same benefit. In either situation we can tailor a program that accommodates a budget, plan design and different levels of coverage for more seasoned management staff. We gather relevant information, take your plan to market, and gather quotes. Once we do our in-house comparison we then deliver our results and findings. Then we go back to your desired company and fight to get that rate even lower. You can have peace of mind knowing the price you pay is not only competitive in the marketplace but provides value and service. The grass is greener with Rubbix!

Have a Plan just unhappy with advisor?

If you have a plan and are unhappy with your current advisor we can take over your plan seemlessly. We can implement our company programs right at the beginning without any interrruption on your current plan. As long as your current plan is with one of our many companies we represent we can make the transfer happen with one signature. Your current benefit plan remains the same, this allows us to review your plan, look at the history, look at ways to reduce cost,  enhance the program or shop it around. We can make a significant difference in your program. 

DID YOU KNOW - Most benefit carriers have apps on your phone that you can use to claim your benefits, see how much you have available, what your benefits entail, and access to some incredible features that are free but often overlooked or unknown. We walk our clients and their employees through all of this!


Have you ever had such amazing service that you left feeling happy, excited and engaged? This is what we strive to leave you and your employees with. We are passionate about what we do, and you will see that in our first meeting. 

We offer a variety of unique features and services within our group benefits program. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with you and your employees by actively working to solve any financial situation you or your employees may have. We can attend safety meetings, management meetings, lunch, or other events. We have built a wide variety of alliancespartnerships that we offer our clients discounts or priority service such as lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, realtors to name a few. We have been able to save our clients thousands if not tens of thousands with our program. We hold fun filled client events such as renting out theatres, free swim days, charity events and so much more. We help set up and explain the mobile app and how to claim. We want to be the point of contact for any questions or concerns they may have. This allows more time for your HR department or office adminstrative to do what they do best. We are very community oriented and give back on a regular basis. If your organization is doing something in our community, we would love to help out! We do all this and more while giving you the best benefit program possible. 

No One Does Group Benefits Like Rubbix, and We Guarantee it!

We work with small and large businesses to offer the best benefit solutions possible. 

Over the last few years, we have been able to save our clients HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in saved premium dollars on renewal. We are constantly fighting to get our clients the best rate. With our custom service and tailored support, we make it easy to do benefits!

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