Investment Planning


What is an investment? An investment is an asset that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or will appreciate in the future.

What is Investment Planning? This is a strategy that is designed to find the most tax effective and efficient way to invest your money. To find a solution that fits your needs now, and in the future. At Rubbix we do everything we can to accomplish this. 

What can we do for you? At Rubbix we analyze and evaluate your current investment portfolio to ensure they are in the right asset allocation, risk tolerance, and time horizon. This is often an eye opener for most people as they are unsure about their entire portfolio. We look at the rate of return, and tax plan behind those investments. We do this for all your individual and/or business accounts such as RRSP, TFSA, RESPs, LIRAs, Non-Registered etc. We strive to find the best possible outcome for you and your accounts. By having access to over 20+ companies we have a solution for you! Statements are often confusing or misunderstood so bring in your statements and we will help you understand them. We offer this at no extra charge because our client's feedback and success are very important to us. 

Why deal with Rubbix?  We are dedicated and devoted to growing your net worth. We take the time to learn about your situation and the steps we need to accomplish those goals. Most of the time we run into situations where the clients are very comfortable making a good solid return instead of chasing a higher return with a lot more risk. We evaluate the risk of the funds and determine if the return is worth that risk. In most cases, the risk outweighs the return. We ask our clients to simply bring in their latest statements for us to review. We then break down their current portfolio and shop it around with the 20+ companies we deal with. Those companies present us with their absolute best option and we present that to you. You are not dealing with one company, one option. You get each investment companies best solution through Rubbix!


Have you ever heard of Private Wealth?  Most of the time this is just a way to lower your fees and that’s it. We take the term "Private Wealth" to the next level. With our Private Wealth companies, they offer investment products that are NOT found elsewhere. Including the lower fees, they also have liquidity, flexibility, and active day-to-day management. This often equates to a much higher and safer return. This is the difference between driving a Honda Civic and a Cadillac. Both are vehicles, but the drive, attention to detail and the performances are completely different. Most of the boutique firms have a minimum of $1,000,000 of investable assets. I suggest if you qualify, defiantly look into these options. 

At Rubbix we take our passion for investing very serious and work with a variety of companies to get you the best option whether its private wealth, traditional investment companies or banks. If you sold your farm, business or have accumulated large wealth throughout your hard-working life come talk to us. 

We have access to over 20 different mutual fund companies under our mutual fund dealer Portfolio Strategies Corporation 

Book your appointment with a dedicated and devoted Rubbix planner today to discuss your investment choices.