Estate Planning An estate plan is the last piece to solving your financial puzzle. You have gone through all the stages of financial planning but without a proper estate plan you could end up capsizing what you have worked so hard for.

One KEY strategy of an estate plan is having a defined beneficiary designation with your insurance and investments. This is naming a spouse or loved one the right to that asset(s) when you pass. This is a MAJOR part that is often overlooked that can be catastrophic to any plan. If you don’t declare a beneficiary your assets may end up in probate, which often isn’t a good thing for your family. Rubbix is there to help you with this, and guide you along.

A proper estate plan can save your family hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands in fees, probate, and taxes. Most people have not thought about charitable donations in the will because they don't know that it is available to them as an option. This is a great way to leave an ongoing legacy while limiting the final tax bill. A proper “Will” is also a very important piece to an estate plan. If you don’t have one we suggest this as your first thing to do. A "will" is extremely important for you so your loved ones understand your final wishes of your hard earned assets. At Rubbix we have also created the "Rubbix Playbook" which is a very detailed binder of everything that is you!  Lastly, if you don’t know any qualified lawyers we can help as we have built relationships with some truly amazing lawyers.