Corporate Planning

Financial planning is as important, if not more so, for businesses as it is for individuals because typically the financial goals of a number of people are at stake. Owning you’re your business can be a risk but we want to be there to assist you in turning those risks into rewards. Depending on the specific goals of a business financial plan, numerous tools are available to help attain those goals.

Tax Efficiency is a common goal all business owners have. Nobody like to pay too much tax and in conjunction with your accountant we can work with you to make sure you utilize strategies to minimize the tax payable. This can include looking at exit strategies.


Unanimous Shareholders Agreement (USA)

A USA can help define when, why, how, to whom, and under what terms a shareholder may or must turn over beneficial ownership of shares to others. USAs typically outline what would happen in the event that any shareholder is unable to perform responsibilities to the business. Certain event can trigger this to happen such as death, disability, retirement and many other events.

Buy / Sell Funding Arrangements

These agreements are designed to ensure business shareholders have the cash available to purchase the shares of a deceased or disabled shareholder. Various insurance policies are often acquired to provide the funding necessary under the terms of the agreement

Key Person Insurance

Mitigates financial losses caused by death, disability, or critical illness of a key employee. Losses incurred due to interruption of key business activities, hiring and training a replacement, salary continuation, and/or other related causes are offset or recovered by such insurance plans

Individual Pension Plans

Assisting business owners to increase tax-deferred wealth outside the company beyond the amount available with traditional RRSP limits. An IPP permits a company to create a tax-deductible expense when moving funds into the personal control of the business owner without immediate taxation. IPP funds are protected from the business owner’s and business’ creditors. IPPS have a funding target minimum of 7.5% growth per year.

Employee Benefit Programs including HSA

Providing tailored benefit solutions to small and large sized companies. Extended health, dental, and drugs benefits also assist in assuring a healthy workforce and reduce potential liability. Healthcare Spending Accounts are remarkably flexible and designed to fund a wide range of health related expense items for employees on a tax-free basis, while remaining fully deductible to the business.

Business Succession

Ensuring the business is positioned for a key shareholder’s death. This process would ensure that the distribution of surplus assets in accordance with the owner’s wishes while minimizing taxes and interruption to the business and continuing to balance key stakeholders’ needs.

Corporate Dollars

A bank deposit account is the mostly likely home for accessible working capital, however is your surplus cash working hard enough for you?