Cash Flow

walletCash flow is the first step of the financial planning process. A good financial advisor should be asking for a budget because a budget can change your net worth dramatically over a period of time. A budget indicates your net monthly spending and more importantly your savings. A budget should give you a detailed breakdown of whether you are in the red or black each month. A budget can be prepared online, using apps, on a piece of paper or by calling us for a copy of our own Rubbix Budget. Budgets are often created but never followed. A budget is similar to getting in better physical shape. Its tough at the beginning, but over time it gets easier and you will love the result it makes. Accountability and consistency are the two keys to your success. We are your personal financial trainers.

With a strong budget in hand, the sky is the limit. Maybe it is the boat you have been wishing to buy, that rental property you drive past everyday from work, adding another 0 at the end of your investment portfolio or simply having a plan to stick to. Everyone has a different motivator or goal, but the common denominator is that a budget is a crucial piece to making your goals a reality. There no time like the present to hold yourself accountable.

Once you have a proper budget in place this will determine if there is any extra money left over each month that can be used for insurance, investments, education funds for the kids or retirement. Your current cash flow situation may change from month to month. The biggest benefit we find is watching the numbers and seeing your goal is met. A budget will not only grow the width of your wallet, but you may find you had more money then you thought.